Getting That Job

Your Goal: Landing that great job Teaching English in Bangkok that leads to a new life full of surprises and success.

Why Not!

We do’t have any magic answers here at Teach English Bangkok, but we do know our way around a bit.

Be sure to check our pages in this section on marketing yourself and the requirements for teaching legally in Thailand.

Certainly check our jobs pages here:

Job Teaching English in Thailand and our pages with links to other good jobs listings: Bangkok Jobs Market and Thailand Jobs Market.

Don’t forget that you will need to get yourself qualified with a good TEFL Certification. See our pages on getting training in Bangkok and in Phuket. TEFL Course in Bangkok and TEFL Course in Phuket.

If in serious doubt drop us a line with the contact for on our Contact Page

It is all easier to accomplish than you might think and the most difficult part – by far – is the decision to actually go to Thailand and do it.