Teaching Jobs

Thailand’s English teaching jobs market has a real history of up and downs.

The world reacts to events such as civil unrest (May of 2010) and political turmoil witnessed over the last few years. Throw in a few scares of H1N1 flu, SARS and even a tsunami down south a Bangkok boming – and well . . . you have a jobs market with great need for teachers.

When such events occur many teachers leave, people who were on the way to Thailand change their mind and go elsewhere, and people scanning the jobs market for the future rule Thailand out.  Put it all in perspective though.  Thais know all about the mass shootings that happen with some regularity in the USA.  Every country has it problems.

What all that means is that your opportunity has never been greater.

As Warren Buffet (#1 wealthiest person in the world according to some) says, Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful. To me, that means when things get a little unsettled is the best time to hunt for that perfect job. And you’ll likely have a bit more negotiating power as well to try and bump that salary up just a bit.

Now is the time. Bangkok is the place.

Really, anywhere in Thailand is the place.
If you are curious, another option is at: Teaching English on Phuket

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