Bangkok Jobs Market

Teaching English in Bangkok

Teaching English is not the only possibility for good employment on in Bangkok, but it is probably the path most open to foreigners unless you have specific skills that can be applied in another industry.

Is it all bars, girls (or boys) and partying?

Not really, and there are some pitfalls you need to be aware of. Bangkok is such a desirable location that employers are quite familiar with the “I want to teach English for a few weeks so I can drink beer and party all night” crowd.

As a result, almost all the better jobs and reputable employers will be asking you for a one-year commitment. They aren’t interested in the crowd of unreliable people that are just passing through on their way to somewhere else or that are in town just for a lark.

There are quite a few short-term jobs depending on the time of year, but they often don’t come with legal working papers. While it is not uncommon to work while on a tourist visa in Thailand – it isn’t recommended.

Bangkok is a HUGE TEFL jobs market and landing a decent job quickly in Bangkok, especially if you have a degree and a TEFL certification – super easy. That doesn’t mean to approach your job search in a casual manner. Be sure to read our Marketing Yourself page.

If you can’t land at least two or three good job offers in your first week – you aren’t even trying or you forgot to put your pants on before taking your resume/CV around.

Important: Only the very worst jobs in Thailand hire direct from overseas. And, the ones that do, usually do it as their reputation is so poor locally that no one will apply.

What does that mean? It means you need to be ON THE SCENE and apply for jobs in person and be ready to show up for an interview today or tomorrow.

Don’t bother trying to line up a job from overseas – it won’t work. Employers here already know about wishful thinking and people who dream about coming here and never show up.

They want to see you IN PERSON. HERE. NOW. Really, they just want to know that you are here and ready to go to work.

Private and public schools are are the largest employers of EFL teachers in Bangkok, if you count numbers.

Look through older jobs listings. Some of the larger employers will almost always have an opening or will be expecting one shortly.