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Would you like to work in a big really noisy hot sweaty stinky city like Bangkok? “Up to you” as they say . . .

Okay – not everyone is a fan of living and working in “The Big Smoke”, so this page is for you if you would like to live and work elsewhere in Thailand than Bangkok.

The second best jobs market in the country is Phuket. And who wouldn’t want to “teach on the beach”?

Phuket has a cost of living just a bit higher than Bangkok, but wages tend to be a bit lower. Nonetheless you can still do just fine on the island. For the low down on Teaching English on Phuket Island, just cruise on over to our sister website: Teach English Phuket.

Other popular upcountry areas/cities like Chiang Mai, for example, tend to pay relatively poorly, but the cost of living is significantly lower and you’ll find you can get by with a lot less money.

Where to find all these jobs?

Here are some links for the jobs pages in the local newspapers in three popular destinations and they will often have job advertisements for outlying areas as well:

Chiang Mai Mail

Pattaya Mail

Phuket Gazette

Go get ’em!