TEFL Training

Selecting a TEFL Certification Program

If you are going to teach English in Thailand then you will find it most useful to do your TEFL course in Thailand.

Our Recommendation for the Best TEFL Courses in Thailand
Students in every country – and Thailand is no different – often have they own special problems with pronunciation and grammar. When you take your training in Thailand, you will do your observed teaching practice/student teaching with Thai students. That will get you up to speed with their unique problems.

Even experienced teachers take a while to get up to speed when they move to a new country, but a good TEFL course should clue you in on the common challenges for the students in that country and help you hit the ground running. This will be especially true for newbie teachers.

Sorry – but if you take your training in the UK or USA or Australia, you just won’t have a clue with Thai students and you will have to struggle along with other newcomers to get a grasp on them. It’s not impossible to do, but taking your training in Thailand just gives you one more advantage. And being able to build your demonstration lesson (sometimes required in Thailand as part of the interview process) taking into consideration the unique pronunciation needs of Thai students will be another advantage over those just off the plane.

Taking your training in country also means you’ll have a chance to acclimate to the culture and food, and have time to start thinking through your job search.

Most TEFL courses will have a good idea of where to find the best jobs and often, just as important, will know which employers to AVOID. Fresh off the plane you won’t have that advantage either.

On the other page in this section we detail what we believe is the best TEFL training course in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya – a course this writer taught both in 2001 and again in 2006. Give it a read, we think you might agree.  Our Recommendation for the Best TEFL Courses in Thailand