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TEFL Certification & TEFL Training in Thailand

For information about an excellent TEFL Training course on Phuket Island – cruise on over to Teach English Phuket.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to know even from your first day on the job Teaching English, that you are a skilled teacher, doing a good job for your students, helping them learn the skills that will bring them better jobs and better lives?

And delivering exactly what you are paid for – knowing it – not just hoping it!

Isn’t it only fair that your students get a GOOD teacher?

Isn’t it only RIGHT that you start your new profession, your new LIFE – well prepared?


We recommend a program that delivers what you want and need: The skills that will get you a good teaching job in Thailand, The Land of Smiles.

The program, of course, includes all the standard information about grammar, teaching methods and so one, but that is pretty standard in any course. And it provides MUCH more!

Though I had done some teacher training in Saudi Arabia and in Korea before, I had not run across many of these simple to learn and easy to apply ideas before. In 2002 when I went back to Korea for a few years, I was easily able to apply the ideas and though I already had a masters degree in education and a PGCE in TEFL – I was a far better teacher having benefited greatly from teaching the special concepts in this program!

Curious? Want to learn more about this unusual opportunity? Send me the contact form below and let’s chat about what that school can do for you.

You need a TEFL Training course anyway to get your teaching license and legal working papers in Thailand, why not do it with the best program you can find?

Start your new life right.

Check out this internship program:  Train and Teach in Thailand

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